Dressing your #bridetribe

Aside from your own bridal gown, getting the outfits for your bride tribe is probably one of the most stressful aspects of planning your wedding. Maybe you are lucky and have very easy going family and friends that would happily accompany you down the aisle in a black plastic bag. For the most part, this isn’t the case. Most ladies are quite particular about their outfit choices- preferring certain colours, styles, lengths and fit. Also we are all so different in appearance that finding a dress that suits everyone can be a nightmare. Each bridesmaid may have body issues requiring a longer skirt or thicker strap or or or.

Finding dresses in your wedding colour scheme can also be a mission. Especially as South African clothing shops tend to lack a wide selection of formal dresses appropriate for weddings. Even more difficult is finding attractive outfits for mother-of-the-brides, who usually want something a little bit more demure, but still in the wedding colour scheme.

This means that bride tribes usually resort to having bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride dresses made. Custom made dresses provide you with the freedom of choosing exactly what you want- the colour, material, style and fitting them exactly to everyone’s body. The process requires some time and often a few appointments with a seamstress to development the design and allow for fittings. 

We know how difficult and expensive it can be to find a trustworthy seamstress. Often a dress we envision in our mind, can turn out completely different in reality. The back and forth between the bride and the seamstress can be exhausting and thus you want to ensure that you find someone who shares your same vision.

Blushing Bride Designs have been working exclusively with the same seamstress, Marietjie for the past 4 years. We have established a great working relationship and in this time Marietjie has never let us down. On the rare occasion she has happily burnt the midnight oil to ensure that all our wedding dresses are perfect for any upcoming weddings. She has incredible vision- we are often amazed how she can transform one dress into a completely different style. She pays great attention to detail with every single little bead and stitch perfectly placed and neat. Marietjie is highly talented, friendly and affordable- we cannot say enough good things about her.

Meraki Professional Sewing Studio makes beautiful dresses for special occasions, matric farewells, bridesmaid and mother-of-the-bride. She has also makes beautiful veils and garters. The dresses below are just some examples of her recent work. Please see her advert for her contact details.

Meraki professional sewing studio

Meraki professional sewing studio


The perfect fit

Although we are a Port Elizabeth based bridal store we can gladly assist with out of town brides. It is best if we can arrange for you to come for a bridal fitting, but we can make do with just your measurements, a photograph and description of your dream dress. We have successfully custom made gorgeous dresses that have fit beautifully with none to minimal alterations required when the bride tries it on. 

To take the most accurate measurements get a friend to assist. You will need a sewing measuring tape, or can make do with a piece of string that you measure against a hard measuring tape, as well as a note pad to keep track. For best accuracy take the measurements three times to ensure that the values are consistent. 

What measurements to take:

Full Bust: measured around the fullest part of the bust (over the nipple) with bra on and parallel to the floor

Upper Bust: same as the Full Bust measurement, but above the bust

Under Bust: same as the Full Bust measurement, but underneath the bust

Waist: measure around the smallest part of your waist (normally just above the belly button)

Hips: measure over the largest part of your hips (the biggest part of your bum)

Shoulder to Shoulder: Measure from your one socket (where your sleeve on your shirt would normally start), across your back to the other shoulder socket (see picture)

Shoulder to bust: Measure in line with your nipple, from the where the top of the shoulder to the nipple

Shoulder to waist: Same as above but hold the tape measure on the nipple and measure to the waist

Nipple to nipple: Measure from one nipple to the other with your bra on

With Wedding Heels on:

Full length: (similar to shoulder to bust/waist measurement) measure from the top of your shoulder (in line with your nipple) to your nipple and then to the floor (about 1 cm above the floor or where you might like your hem to be)

Hollow to Hem: measure from the little hole in your chest where your neck meets your chest, down your front to the floor (about 1 cm above the floor or where you might like your hem to be)

Outer Leg: on the side of your body, measure from your waist, over your leg to the floor (about 1 cm above the floor or where you might like your hem to be)

Mermaid: Measure your outer leg, from your waist over your hip to the point on your thigh where you would like the mermaid/flare to begin.


Will You Be My Bridesmaid?

Your best friend is getting married and you have been asked to be her bridesmaid and it is such an exciting time. Bridesmaids have a number responsibilities leading up to the wedding.  The bride will rely on you to help her make many decisions, address invitations or help with any other wedding DIY that needs to be done and to support her emotionally through this exciting, yet stressful time in her life.  You will help her choose a dress, a venue, the bridesmaid’s outfits, offer décor ideas and the list goes on.


Who Pays for What?

Composing a wedding budget is one of the first things that need to be done once you are engaged.  It is also one of the most important things to do.  Your budget will guide you when planning your wedding and help you avoid getting into any unnecessary debt after the wedding.
The responsibility of who pays for what is something that has changed drastically over the last decade or two.  Traditionally, the bride’s family would cover all the costs related to the wedding day, but because weddings are so expensive, the groom’s family generally contribute a large portion to the wedding and there are no longer any hard a fast rules, but this is a rough guideline on a modern day wedding:


Planning your wedding photos

You spend months and months planning the most important day of your life and the day will come and go in the blink of an eye. Once the wedding day is over, all you really have left (besides a husband) are the photos from your big day.

It is really important to have a connection with your photographer and I would definitely recommend an engagement shoot. The engagement shoot will give you a practice run with your photographer so that you can ensure the spark is there.


Harmonious Wedding Planning

Photo: My Mom & Mother in Law

The best piece of advice that I could give to any bride-to-be is something that I wish I had learned sooner during the year of planning my own wedding. Some experts say the most stressful thing about planning a wedding is that you are always trying to keep everybody else happy.

As a bride-to-be you will often hear “If I were you, I would…”, or “why don’t you do this…”